Perfection, Consistency, Reliability

Perfection is the state of being in complete flawlessness. Our main goal here at Sheesha is to perfect dreams; it is at the heart of what we do.

Consistency and adherence to the standards of Honda ensures uniformity in our operations and services. This harmony helps us to achieve the other two goals.

We at Sheesha take pride in the reliability of our products and services. Practice and consistency have enabled us to become your most trustworthy partner.


We were first established as a small shop selling imported garments. Three brothers own the company, the eldest being the founder.


Enhance each individual customer experience by providing the highest quality and most reliable products and services at a reasonable price. In order to provide perfection, we rely on the creativity and resourcefulness of our team.


Strive for continuous excellence by perfecting dreams.

Mr. Ahmed Hassan Manik

Founder, Shareholder, Chairman

At the beginning, it was necessary to invest almost all of my earnings back into the business. Growing and sustaining a business is a long-term goal, you can’t expect to reap the rewards the moment you create it.

Mr. Ibrahim Husham

Shareholder, CEO

Here at Sheesha we practice our art day and night to perfect it. In our chase for perfection, we push ourselves into becoming our most efficient selves. How we do it is by giving attention to detail.

Mr. Hussain Husham

Shareholder, Director

It is easy to dream big, anyone can do it. But to back your dream up by hard work and never ending commitment, now that’s the catch.

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