Sheesha Annual Day

1 year ago | News

On 3rd November 2016, Sheesha proudly celebrated its 29th anniversary as the leading motorcycle distributor and service provider in the Maldives. Over the 29 years, Sheesha has achieved major milestones from starting out as a small shop with less than five staffs to major 5 outlets with more than 150 staffs and has achieved almost three decades of innovation and steady growth.

To celebrate this occasion, the company’ management organized a competitive talent show for the employees where they were able to show their talents outside the work environment and strengthen their interpersonal relationships with one another. The most special celebration event was the ‘Sheesha Red n Black Ball’ which was held on the anniversary night by the management inviting the company staffs and their families. The night was spectacular with an exquisite menu, breathtaking music and mesmerizing decorations beautifully complied with interesting speeches by the staffs and the CEO as well as distribution of special awards to the hard working employees of the company. Company staffs were the ones who organized and participated in all the anniversary activities.

Company CEO, Mr Ibrahim Husham remarked, “We have achieved this success through hard work and dedication of our associates, especially the great team we have. Over the past years, we have built a strong team with the most dedicated and selfless people, I am proud to say that this team is the reason for Sheesha’s success. Apart from our team, our business associates also play an important role in the business success. I would also like to appreciate the patient families of our team members. It is a great honour meeting all of you on this special occasion.”

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