Sheesha opens a new branch in H.dh Kulhudhuffushi

4 months ago | News

We are celebrating yet again, another exciting and monumental moment for everyone at Sheesha. The opening of H. Dh Kulhudhuffushi branch is a new chapter that takes us one step closer to our large group of customers. This new outlet was inaugurated by the company’s CEO Ibrahim Husham & Director Hussain Husham on 27th October at 16:30hrs. A large crowd gathered to celebrate the opening and to know more about our products and services. It was a colorful moment for all of us.

 Our Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Hassan Manik gave a press brief on the 18th of October where he mentioned the reasons why we choose to expand into another region. I will try to sum it up for you as best as I can.

 He said and I quote “Our main goal has always been to try and provide our services from a location that is closest to our customers.  Now the residents of this region can easily enjoy our services without having to come to Male’. Expansion is necessary for us as we aim to provide quality after sales service for our new and existing customers.  Our new branch is equipped with a service center along with the showroom.  We will be selling motorcycles for payments in full and in installments as well. Price of the products sold in our new outlet will be the same as in Male’. Power products will also be available from our Kulhudhuffushi  Branch. We strive to uniform all our services in each one of our branches so that you can rely on our consistency.  We will continue to look for more locations to expand so that we can easily reach our customers.  Right now, we are studying Laamu for our next expansion.”

With the plan of expansion and under our Chairman’s guidance, we are all so pumped to be one step closer to you. We are more than delighted to be a part of the community of H.Dh. Kulhudhuffushi. If you are in this region, we would love to have you visit our new branch!

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