Sheesha selected amongst the ‘GOLD 100’ companies by the Corporate Maldives

11 months ago | News

Corporate Maldives has selected Sheesha as one of the ‘GOLD 100’ companies in the Maldives’. ‘GOLD 100’ is a list of leading 100 business entities in the Maldives, published by Corporate Maldives at the end of every year. The ‘GOLD 100’ companies were awarded at ‘GOLD 100 GALA’ an annual corporate networking event, which was held at Kurumba Village Resort on 21st February 2017. This is the first time the ‘GOLD 100’ list has been published. Being selected among the leading 100 companies of the Maldives is a great honor for this company and our customers.

“This award brings great honor and joy to our company as a whole, as this shows that the society accepts and values our hard work and dedication. Our main strengths are our team and our loyal customers. We are very pleased to recognize our team whose expertise, leadership and outstanding accomplishments in all the related fields have earned us this significant honour. We also would like to thank our dedicated customers for trusting and believing in us which is one of the reasons why we are what we are today. We believe that we deserve this as we put all our efforts in trying to develop this organization. This shows that hard work and dedication cannot be elapsed unnoticed and it pays off well. We will continue to strive to be the best in the industry and we are confident that we could be even better in the future” Says our CEO, Mr.Ibrahim Husham.

The management also thanks the Corporate Maldives for taking the initiative for such an inspirational work and motivating the business corporations in the Maldives to perform better and increase productivity and innovativeness. This is such a valuable complement for those organizations that were selected among the top 100 which will enable these corporates like Sheesha to sustain and fortify, as we become market leaders in our respected industries. This will also help motivate our country’s growing SMEs in different industries, especially those in new and niche markets, to contour their company structures and market approaches as this will act as a motivational goal for them to aim higher. Furthermore, we also believe that this will also enable to reinforce business relations among the top organizations and help to bring significant development to our growing economy as a whole.

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