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On November 3rd 1987, Sheesha was founded and established by Mr. Ahmed Hassan Manik, the eldest of the three shareholding brothers initially as a shop importing garments. Throughout the years, we have expanded our operations to three major cities. The firm’s head office and a 3S (Sales, Service, Spare parts) is in Male’, the capital of Maldives. The other 3S’s are in Hithadhoo. Our latest addition to the chain is the outlet in Hulhumale’, that operates under the 2S’s (Service & Spare parts). Full after-sales services are provided for the motorcycles and power products that we sell directly to customers or on an installment basis through Sheesha Installments (BMC), our installment partner.

Our Journey

  • 2014

    November 3rd, a branch is set-up in Hulhumale’, that operates under 2S’s (Service   Spare parts)

  • 2006

    A branch is set-up in Hithadhoo, Addu City, with 3S’s ( Sales, Service   Spare parts)

  • 2000

    On January 3rd, the sister company of Sheesha, Brothers Motor Company Private Limited (BMC) was set-up. The company provides finance for customers who want to hire purchase.

  • 1997

    On January 20th, established as the Sole Authorized Distributor of Honda in the Maldives and commenced importing Honda motorcycles and Power Products.

  • 1992

    Sheesha stretched into two more lines of business, electronics and bullion.

  • 1990

    Open two shops in Majeedhee Magu, the main street of Male’. These two shops together with the first shop operated as a chain.

  • 1987

    On November 3rd, Mr Ahmed Hassan Manik established a shop selling imported garments.

WORKING WITH US – Teamwork, Creativity, Innovation

SHEESHA team’s corporate culture is built on integrity, transparency, creativity and mutual respect for people through all levels of the group. The strong commitment to workforce diversity encourages inclusion of all people by maintaining a work environment supported by policies and procedures that foster a nondiscriminatory workplace. We believe that the strength of our company is greater than the sum of its extraordinary parts - employees, customers, suppliers and community, combining to form a synergy of diversity that promotes innovative thinking.

Community care

‘Dhasvaaru Program’ was initiated by the Ministry of Education which is a 574 hour-long program that presents secondary school students with career development opportunities as they complete their O ‘Levels. The students get to experience a real-life job environment. The program leads to a nationally recognized Level 3 certificate, which is a combination of on-the-job, and off-the-job training that enables them to surpass in social skills and personal development.

We signed the Memorandum of Understanding between Sheesha Pvt Ltd and Technical and Vocational Education Training Authority (TVETA) on 19th February 2015. Students were enrolled in National Certificate III in Automotive Maintenance (two wheeler) program where our qualified chief mechanics were given the opportunity to teach and share their experience with the students. Additionally, we have the biggest two-wheeler garage in the Maldives as well as having the most quality resources to use in the workstation that enables the students to gain experience by using the most quality products available with the help of well skilled and experienced trainers. Moreover, we also provided technical support required by the TVET Authority in reviewing the Competency Standard for Automotive Maintenance.

Community care cont..

Furthermore, we signed a second Memorandum of Understanding between our company and Imaduddin School on 2nd March 2016. Students got enrolled to Certificate III in Office Administration and they were given the opportunity to work in our head office as interns for 6 months. Students were able to work in different areas of the workplace, mainly in the Admin and Human Resources department as well the Sales and Marketing department. Senior staffs of these departments were appointed as mentors for these students to help them comprehend the real work environment.

We believe that is it important to foster the younger generations of our country, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

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