Ajith Premalaal’s Story

Chief Mechanic

I joined Sheesha in the year 1998 as a mechanic. I was one of the first foreign employees to join and things were very different back then. Sheesha was still a new business in the motorcycle market. I always knew there is something special about the company as they even started dealing in motorcycles as the sole authorized distributor of Honda in Maldives. From the first day, I received kindness and understanding from the management. Since I am a foreigner, it took me longer to adjust to my new workplace and surroundings. The management was very patient with me, teaching me step by step until I became confident.

I had to take a short break from Sheesha from 2006 to 2008 due to family problems. I was definitely sad to leave my work, as I have been able to adjust to it so well that I have been getting a good salary and getting promotions. I really didn’t want to leave, I did talk with my CEO, and he assured me that he would be available to talk once I decided to come back to Sheesha.

After everything settled back at home, I had the choice of working somewhere else if I wanted to but I decided to come back to Sheesha again since I felt very comfortable and welcomed. The work environment at Sheesha is very understanding and fair to all; I have been able to work my way up to where I am because of the support I have received from my work.

When I first joined, there were only 2 foreign workers at the service center. We were all a very small team back then, we could not even imagine the success that has come out of our hard work and effort. I am very happy and proud of all my achievements at Sheesha. I have been able to support my family back home and with the money I make here. I have also been able to complete building my house and ensure my family has a safe and secure home in which to live in. The management has always given their full support professionally and personally. I am grateful to be able to work in such an environment where I am treated with respect.

I have been able to learn Dhivehi so that I can communicate better with the customers and my employer. Sheesha has helped me fit into the culture of Maldives, helped me learn the language. I feel like the company has my best interests at heart. I have been able to tailor myself into a job in a foreign country, and I have only been able to do so because of the positive environment around me.

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Easy Service Outlet’s In-charge

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