Ibrahim Rasheed’s Story

Easy Service Outlet’s In-charge

It was in 2003, the date was November 23rd; I began as a stock keeper. I was new to the motorcycle business and was very eager to learn. I had previously worked at a resort as a stock accountant. The knowledge I gained back then came handy when I joined Sheesha. I was later promoted as senior stock keeper. I had joined Sheesha after being married for 3 months and wanted to begin a family and start financially supporting them. I applied for Sheesha through my wife’s recommendation, when I came for the interview; all three brothers were there. At the time I did not realize how much they were about to change my life by hiring me.

Back when I joined, Sheesha was still a very small company. We all had to multitask to maintain efficiency. I have seen Sheesha grow and expand. I have witnessed the company create new departments and strengthen its governance along the way. It has always been a very small knitted community and we all feel very much a part of the family.

My idol at work is our CEO Ibrahim Husham, he is always there for us and ready to clear any questions we have. He inspired me to become better and work harder. He inspired me to help my co-workers no matter what position I am given. This is the same with the company’s Founder and the Director. The three brothers working together and helping those who work with them has enabled me to succeed in my career. At Sheesha, there is no discrimination just because you are given a certain title; everyone works together as one being. We always try to help each other, as is the custom here.

I have always been treated with a lot of respect and kindness by the management. I can’t thank Sheesha enough for giving me the opportunity to do my Diploma in 2011; it was indeed one of the happiest days of my life. I was able to better myself with the opportunities given to me and work my way up to the Outlet In-charge of Sheesha Easy Service.

Family is important at Sheesha, so the management is always very considerate when it comes to us taking care of our children. I have never felt like I am working for someone when I come to work every day. It feels more like I am working with amazing and talented people who I consider to be more than just my co-workers. It makes me very happy to see the success Sheesha is achieving. Words cannot describe how happy I’m to be a part of it.

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Customer Relations Officer

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Chief Mechanic

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