Road Safety awareness campaign in Addu City

10 months ago | News

We have started a road safety awareness campaign in Addu City on the 25th of February in a gathering at Honda showroom, Hithadhoo. Our aim of this program is to make people be more aware of the safety in riding motor bikes as well as in general to reduce the risk of getting injuries in dangerous road accidents. We are providing a free helmet for each motorbike we sell in Addu City. To spread awareness among the citizens of Addu City, we are planning on displaying different posters with a road safety message in public places. The poster shows a picture of cracked egg which gives a message, as human beings are as sensitive as an egg, once the egg is cracked it cannot be fixed, and the cracked egg could be any of us in the community. We are planning to run a one year campaign, partnering with Addu Live to increase the road safety awareness among Addu citizens.

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